Summary of the Covenants


EVERY home in West Lake Manor is protected by the covenants, which are on file with Lamar County.          
This is a summary of those covenants:

  1. Residential lots only and single family homes only-only one home to a lot. No homes more than 2 stories high.
  2. Buildings to be at least 40 ft. from the front property line, 10 ft. from the side lot line, and 20 ft. from any side street lines.
  3. No trade or activity that is a nuisance to the neighbors.
  4. No trailers are to be stored or used as a residence. No apartment houses are to be built.                                                                     
  5. Minimum square footage in the original subdivision shall be 1400 sq.ft. and in the additions 1600 sq.ft.  This is exclusive of porches, terraces, breezeway, garages, or carports.    
  6. Every residence shall be provided with off-street parking in the form of a driveway from the street to the attached carport or garage.  
  7. The covenants can only be changed by a 51%vote of ALL property owners.
  8. Violations of the covenants can be pursued through lawful means, but forfeiture of title is not an option.

These covenants are there to keep your property values from plummeting.  Lamar County has NO zoning laws so without these covenants almost any kind of structure or business could be inside the subdivision.

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